Demands to the City of Greensboro

5. Treat trans and gender non-conforming, intersex and other LGBTQ people with dignity.

a. Require the Police Department to implement Standard Operating Procedures (a set of rules across the department) for officers when interacting with trans, gender non-conforming, intersex and other LGBTQ+ people that require officers to:

b. Treat trans, intersex, and gender non-conforming people in a manner appropriate to their identity, which may be different from the sex they were assigned at birth or is listed on their government ID.

c. Use the trans, intersex, gender non-conforming person’s chosen name and pronouns.

d. Not use slurs or derogatory words to people based on their gender identity.

e. Search people following departmental procedures based on people’s gender identity- not sex at birth.

f. Require officers to go through Trans 101 trainings led by very well compensated trans & gender non-conforming people.